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This is the online directory with the main international schools in the Netherlands that offer an Education in English. The programmes vary from the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) programme, which includes PYP, MYP and Diploma to the British GCSE and GCE examination systems. All schools are required to satisfy the requirements of the Dutch national system.

University in the Netherlands

Entry to universities from the International Schools in the Netherlands is based on the VWO school leaving examination. There are no separate entrance examinations. The Dutch Government recognises the equivalence of the VWO diploma and the IB Diploma as documents giving the right of admission to the university. (Ministerial decree 1976, HW/AS/T/238.336).
According to the new legislation, the Higher Education and Research Act (Stb. 1992, 593), supplementary demands about the knowledge and abilities of the student can be made, due to a special decree of the Minister of Education and Science. Non-native speakers of Dutch who do not list Dutch as one of their IB subjects for the Diploma must take a Dutch language test at the university.

In case of "lottery subjects", the non-native applicants who succeed in drawing a place, get a ticket of admittance to the university for the next year. In the meantime they can take that test of competence in Dutch.

For all medical studies, three sciences are usually required at either standard or higher level, and students planning to apply to Medical School in the Netherlands should contact the universities directly about the details.

Anyone who is deficient in one or more of the required subjects may be admitted after having taken a deficiency course organised by the university sometimes during the summer vacation before entry (depending on the amount of deficiencies).

Registration forms may be obtained from the "Informatie Beheer Groep" in Groningen in October/November of the year prior to entry and returned to this authority by December 15, indicating choice of university and subjects to be studied.

Dutch school results are published around July 1, so that distribution of places subject to a lottery takes place in July and August. The subjects most likely to be in the lottery are Medicine and related areas, Veterinary Science, Architecture and Management. Applicants with Dutch and foreign passports are in two separate lottery groups. In non-lottery subjects, entry is conditional only on holding the IB Diploma from International Schools in the Netherlands.


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